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Save now and order the abundant and carefully prepared Duggah Al Madina, made with care by a Medina lady with over thirty years of experience. Duggah Al Madina is essential for Ramadan breakfast tables – packaging suitable for the breakfast tables at the Prophet’s Mosque and the Kaaba Mosque, with readiness to supply restaurants, hotels, and aircraft.

Duggah Al Madina packets (دقة المدينة اظرف) from tawabel7

Duggah Al Madina is considered one of the most important and famous spices in the Medina kitchen. Many lovers of authentic dishes seek to know the ingredients of Duggah Al Madina.

This authentic blend is particularly loved by many because it contains a variety of popular spices like black pepper, salt, cumin, and coriander. The benefits of Duggah Al Madina include enhancing the flavor of food with deliciousness and balance.

Specifications of Duggah Al Madina:

  • Category: Spices, Kabsat-curries, Ramadan Offers
  • Type: Duggah Al Madina.
  • Weight: 15 packets of Duggah Al Madina, each containing 4 grams.
  • Section: You can get the product from the Kabsat | Curries section of our online store.


There are multiple ways to consume Duggah according to personal taste, but the most common ways include consuming it with yogurt, using it with beans and eggs to create a delicious breakfast, and adding it to some pastry and bakery recipes.

Consuming Duggah with dates is a beloved method for some. When Duggah Al Madina is mentioned, many think of the Medina dining table during the blessed month of Ramadan, as it is essential for the fasting breakfast at the Prophet’s Mosque.

This Duggah holds a distinctive quality certificate and is accredited by the Saudi Arabian Chefs’ Development Community.

In our store, we have an integrated team to respond to your inquiries and deliver your orders as quickly as possible. Duggah Al Madina is offered to you by the Spice Store, a store specializing in various types of premium spices and seasonings, prepared with precision in Medina.

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