Turn Time Into an Ally to Improve Your Legal Management

Time, that mystery that governs our lives and that we half understand, can be our great ally to improve legal management or also play against us and make us fall into the trap of its illusory labyrinth of mirrors.

It’s not just about being faster, it’s about making the best decision faster. That is, to gain speed without forgetting that our work is in the field of economics of decisions. That is precisely the point of economic equilibrium, that capacity is what makes us different and extremely useful.

Therefore, being able to inform ourselves, reference us and contextualize ourselves in a precise and agile way is essential to improve our PRODUCTIVITY and make the most of the TIME resource.

Do you think we are problematizing the issue? On the contrary, we came to bring you a solution.

Borges And Technology:

“Machines are more efficient than the human mind in some specific areas. For example, the Internet records everything, like Borges’s famous Babel Library”. Doctor Facundo Manes – Neurologist and Neuroscientist – During the Legal Summit 2020 event.

From “El Aleph”, a point where all the points of the universe are found, passing through “Funs, the memorable one” who could not forget anything, to “The Library of Babel” where all the events of the past are written and recorded. and the coming, we could see in Borges the pre-announcement of the digital world.

And the great challenge before us is the union of these two complementary universes within the perspective of digital transformation. While we know that technology is the future, our sensibilities still conjure up analogy universes.

From this need to take the main aspects of our history in legal practice and place them in dialogue with the technological tools of the present, La Ley Next emerged, the best of the thinking of the great legal studies translated into digital language.

Improve Legal Management, Quality And Speed:

Time always has to work in our favor. All our work is aimed at making you an ally, but many times trying to achieve this goal we lose quality, since our ability to investigate is reduced due to the logistical issues that require us to contextualize and train ourselves.

It is on this need that a large part of the digital innovation sector is focused since it is undeniable that the ease of access that the Internet provides, made it a source of knowledge to which everyone turns.

According to a survey conducted on trends in acquiring legal information:

● 93% of those surveyed stated that they use online legal information services and that they search on web engines;

● 80% use a legal news portal;

● 71% consult their legal information system every day;

● 80% use social networks for professional purposes;

● and 74% consult legal content in video classrooms.

In this vast universe of data, in which accessibility and quantity are added, it is also possible to find the “Bible next to the water heater” as Disc polo said, being that at the same time great truths coexist with fake news.

From this perspective, a digital solution that helps us categorize and organize the search is essential for us not to run the risk of wasting our time performing unproductive actions and, consequently, damaging our legal management. 

The Next Law – Information At The Speed Of Thought:

“We are entering a new era regarding the interaction between technology and human capabilities. There is no denying the extraordinary speed of information processing. Computers are formidable instruments at our disposal”- Doctor Facundo Manes – Neurologist and Neuroscientist – During the Legal Summit 2020 event.

The truth is that this time gives us the opportunity to experience a quantitative revolution in terms of organization and archiving of information. But it is also true that resistance to new technologies can often be perceived.

La Ley Next is a faster, more assertive, and predictive search engine specialized in legal information. Its objective is to increase the productivity of your time by providing you with extremely high-quality information instantly. In addition, it is intuitive, very simple to use, develop, thought and designed for lawyers.

Its objective is very clear, to be an intergenerational solution to improve legal management by reducing the time we use to search for information. All relevant information is integrated into one place, in the cloud, without having to install anything on your computer, accessible from any device, and organized according to your search intention.

So, have you imagined what your routine would be like with a search tool like La Ley Next? Did you think about how that would maximize your legal practice? Try it right now and if you want to know more about topics like these, visit our blog.