Tourist Places To Visit In Udhampur

Tourist Places To Visit In Udhampur

Arranging A Trip To Udhampur? Here is our rundown of top traveler spots to visit in Udhampur

As the second biggest city in Jammu and fourth biggest in the state, Udhampur holds a position of significance in the locale. This has been upgraded because of the military and airforce base that it has. Be that as it may, key significance isn’t the main point for Udhampur. It has a few exquisite spots to investigate and visit and beautiful environmental factors. Allow us to investigate the vacationer spots to visit in Udhampur and its area.

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Krimchi Temples

Built in the eleventh and twelfth hundreds of years, the Krimchi Temples, otherwise called the Pandora Temples are accepted to have connections to the Mahabharata epic. There are four huge and three little sanctuaries here which are completely committed to Lord Shiva. The engineering of the sanctuaries exposed solid Greek impact and have been based on top of a stone complex. There are little streams streaming by which adds to the appeal of the spot. As indicated by the legend, the Pandava siblings are said to have made a short prevent here during their outcast from their realm. It is a should visit place for history darlings.


Sansar is named after two lakes, ‘Sana’ and ‘Sar’. It is situated at an elevation of north of 2000 meters and is around 19 km from Patnitop. It is an extraordinary spot for experience exercises like hot-air expanding, paragliding, journeying, rock climbing, parasailing, and so on. It is a distant region with immaculate magnificence, encompassed by lavish green knolls and thick woodland. Such is the excellence of the spot that it is frequently alluded to as ‘Small Gulmarg.’

 Tourist Places To Visit In Udhampur

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Found 112 km from Jammu on the Udhampur-Srinagar street is one of the most well-known slope stations of the district, Patnitop. It ignores the River Chenab and is covered by transcending Cedar and Blue Pine trees. It’s flawless environmental elements are a treat for the eyes. It is covered by snow during cold weather months and offers a few lovely regions for heartfelt strolls. It is additionally an optimal spot for skiing and sledging. Patnitop is an ideal escape from Udhampur and Jammu.

Mansar Lake

Around 40 km from Udhampur is perhaps the prettiest pool of India, Mansar Lake. There is thick wood covering the lake and its shores, transcending mountain pinnacles and gem blue waters, all of which weave an enchanted spell over the spot. Bragging rich vegetation, one additionally runs over natural life like spotted deer, ducks, cranes and Neelgai water birds. Mansar Lake is a very well-known objective among travelers.

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Surinsar Lake

Surinsar Lake is a simple 9 km from Mansar Lake. However more modest in size, it is similarly as gorgeous. Because of hallowed reasons, swimming and sailing are not permitted in this lake. Anyway one can walk around its banks, take in the new unpolluted mountain air, and partake in the pleasant encompassing area. Surinsar Lake is likewise a home to transient birds and favorable place for some others. It is the ideal stop for bird darlings and picture takers. There is likewise a little bird safe-haven close to the lake where one can get a brief look at a few beguiling birds. It is an invigorating objective.