Laser Treatment

Toenail Fungus – Precautions to Avoid After The Laser Treatment

Our toenails are made of two types of proteins, called keratin: hard keratin and soft keratin. The infection on the toenail, or onychomycosis, is caused due to fungi called dermatophytes that use the keratin to live, grow, and multiply. While it is very common these days, failure to treat it on time can lead to massive discomfort, which is why it is very important to take the right decision on time. Thanks to the advancement in healthcare and skincare technology, laser treatment is now available to deal with the toenail fungus problem. A common reason for the growing popularity of toenail fungus laser treatment is the risk associated with oral medications and the disappointing results from prescription creams.

According to various research, it has been found that laser treatment success rate is as high as 90% with multiple treatments. On the other hand, the current methods for dealing with toenail fungus are about 50% effective. The process of toenail fungus laser treatment is very simple; it works by heating up the nail layers specific to the fungus and attempting to destroy the genetic material responsible for fungus growth and survival. While this is an effective treatment option, there are chances of toenail fungus coming back after some time. To help with this, we bring this detailed blog that talks about the best ways to avoid the regrowth of nail fungus.

While you will have the fastest and most-effective treatment done for the toenail fungus problem, some professionals still claim that there are chances of toenail fungus coming back, which is why it is recommended to take care of your nail even after the treatment. 

Laser Treatment
Laser Treatment

Foot Hygiene

It is very important that you maintain food hygiene after the laser treatment is done for toenail fungus. Experts suggest that one must cover foot while walking on the grass or any dirty place. One must wear boots, but it is also recommended to avoid moisture inside them.

No shoe sharing

There are many people who share their shoes with their friends or family members. While it is very common, it can result in the spread of toenail fungus. You may be inviting the fungus or helping your fungus spread to others. So, make sure to never share shoes with anyone, regardless of their need. And when using the shoes of others, it is recommended to clean and wash them before wearing them.

Use foot soaks

Foot soaks are not just aimed to provide you comfort when you wear shoes, but they also prevent unwanted moisture inside the shoes when you have to wear them all day long. It will also help prevent the development of fungus, thus reducing your chances of toenail fungus.

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Wash your feet regularly

It is highly recommended to wash your feet daily, especially before wearing and removing shoes. This will help keep your feet clean and free from any kind of infection.