Private investigators in Barcelona: High level professionals.

It is fair to say that the Private investigators in Barcelona are at a very advanced level of training and professional qualification worldwide. It is in our country the only place in the world where a university degree is required to practice this profession and where the first professional association of private investigators was created. It is also here where there is a more complete, exhaustive, rigorous legislation and with greater professional control by the state administration to safeguard the rights of citizens and the development of the professional practice of private investigation.

Private Investigators
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We must say first of all that the work of private investigators in the real world differs greatly from that carried out by police forces, which sometimes become confused due to the “made in USA” filmography which marked an era and left engraved its imprint on the collective subconscious presenting the private detective as a character in mysterious novels marked by action, romanticism or passion. The private detective profession is vocational and hard sacrifice due to the great physical and mental effort that must be endured during countless hours of hard work that are needed to obtain evidence, this profession having little to do with the popular stereotypes and topics known.

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In the universities of our country, the minimum studies required to practice the profession of private detective are taught with a minimum duration of three academic years equivalent to a university diploma. After having obtained this diploma, one of the necessary but not sufficient requirements will have been met to be able to request professional qualification before the Ministry of the Interior through the General Directorate of the Police, which are regulated in the private security law. Legal training undoubtedly plays a great role in these studies since it must be perfectly mastered how and in what way evidence can be obtained and presented in judicial proceedings with all the guarantees of law so that they are admitted in them,

The Private investigators in Barcelona brand is synonymous not only with training and responsibility, but also with a long professional and traditional career in this city since the beginning of the last century. Currently, their practice is closely related to the work of lawyers and journalists, where numerous collaborations and professional support are carried out on a day-to-day basis. The social work carried out by the private detective constitutes an asset that helps to improve society in general, putting an end to fraud, deception and picaresque that manage to put an end to the social development of any community.

Among the services most requested by clients today, both large and small companies and individuals, are those related to the business world and family legal issues. Among the first, unfair competition, non-compliance with work activity, information on the viability of companies, financial investigations and information leaks or industrial espionage. In family legal matters, alimony, child custody, heritage investigations, search and location of missing persons, infidelity in the couple stand out. In general, the law empowers private investigators to carry out investigations on all those aspects concerning the economic, commercial, labour, financial environment and, in general, personal life.