Only a couple of kilometers off the bank of Sattahip in the Bay of Thailand lies a lethargic cut of heaven known as Koh Kham [เกาะขาม]. An island is incredibly gorgeous and at this point, an unexpected, yet invaluable treasure, visited for the most part by local people and Thai sightseers.

On the off chance that you’ve never known about Sattahip, it’s generally expected eclipsed by its windbag neighbor – Pattaya. I’m certain we as a whole realize Pattaya pretty well, isn’t that right? Indeed, Sattahip is only 40-something km further south of the city. It’s a curious town known for its neighborhood, easygoing way of life and scrumptious fish.

In the wake of learning about this spot from a Thai voyager and blogger, we realized we needed to visit this spot. Since it looked so particularly astounding as well as the reality it is around 3-3.5-hour drive away from Bangkok. I mean simply see this spot!

Journey to Paradise

We chose to break our excursion to the island into two sections. We left Bangkok on Friday night knowing that assuming we left Saturday morning, we would need to leave very early. Despite the fact that ships to the island leave each 1 or 2 hours, we needed to be the initial ones there. In addition, we heard that they just let 400 guests to the island each day (and just on ends of the week).

Thus, Friday, we showed up in the edge of Sattahip and remained at a store lodging, 30 km shy of the dock. There we had a pleasant supper and an early rest. Next morning at around 7 am, we left for Koh Kham [เกาะขาม].

After about an hour drive, we arrived at the maritime base where we were approached to pay 10 Baht for stopping. Close by, we paid 300 Baht for every individual for the ship tickets. A songthaew (neighborhood transport) then took us to the dock.

From that point we changed to a ship loaded up with local people and Thai-just travelers. They had their snacks stuffed as though they were going on a long outing. It was extremely fascinating to see this since you won’t ever see on islands like Koh Samui, Koh Tao and such.

Following an extremely rough 30 moment ish boat ride, we at last showed up at the island. We needed to change from our ship to a more modest boat as it couldn’t moor there. When we came to, we saw numerous local people hurry to the ocean side to fling anything breakfast they had. It looked as though for some, this was their most memorable boat venture as they woo’d and aah’d at each ascent and crash of the boat. In any case, I think it was all worth the effort for every one of them as they ventured foot on the island.

The side of Koh Kham we showed up at was abandoned (and we needed to hang around here) however we were told by the ship staff to advance toward the opposite side. Just #followthepath, partake in the view yet tread carefully.


Things to do on Koh Kham

Before we inform you regarding what you can do on Koh Kham, you ought to likely understand what you can’t do. You ought to take note of that this island is under the security of the Regal Naval force in endeavors to save the marine biological system.

• You can’t litter using any and all means (in spite of the fact that we saw some garbage) – an unavoidable symptom of expanded the travel industry

The administrator let us know that back in January, this spot was significantly more lovely obviously, the travel industry influences the biological system. It’s great that the quantity of guests is restricted.

  • Be dependable in any action you share
  • To swim or kayak, you should wear a daily existence coat
  • Be deferential all around (we didn’t see anybody in two-pieces so on the off chance that you’re a swimsuit individual, we suggest concealing) as this is an exceptionally nearby, family objective

Now here are the things you can do here:

• Bring your own food yet ensure you discard it in the obvious containers

• There are a few little shops selling bites and a few Thai dinners

• Climb up the slope (east of the island) to a perspective

• Kayaks and snorkels are accessible for lease

• Simply loosen up near the ocean, absorb the sun and watch the delightful view

We spent a decent hardly any hour at Koh Kham. Showing up at the island around 9:30 am and we advanced back at 1 pm. The last boat departs at 4 pm and you are not permitted to camp or remain over in any capacity.

The time had come to express farewell to heaven and we surely didn’t have any desire to.

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How to get there

Since we gotten there, we could share that way. In any case, assuming you’re arriving by van or transport, we prescribe the most effective way is to get to Pattaya first. And afterward, track down a transport or van from that point to Sattahip.

Frankly, your smartest choice is to lease a vehicle or motorbike and make the excursion to Sattahip’s Khao Mama Jor Wharf yourself. It is an essentially direct course in the event that you follow Sukhumvit street and highway 3. Google Guide is your closest companion. It is certainly our own! Thus, ensure you use it.