How does the choice in high school affect the preparation of the EBAU

How does the choice in high school affect the preparation of the EBAU?

If you are seeing some news about Selectivity and you want to do it to get into university, you may be a little scared. Or that you do not know exactly which way to go to be in perfect condition to face exams of this type. Don’t worry, today we want to help you out.

There are a wide variety of centres through which you can access the EBAU tests, and you will have to choose the one that suits you best. Options such as studying the International Baccalaureate in Madrid can be a good idea for many reasons, so we leave you the most important tips.

How To Choose The Best Centre To Prepare For The EBAU

You should know that this step is very important, as it will decide your training oriented towards the university entrance exams. Answering the question given in the title of this article, we could say that there are many factors that can affect:

Baccalaureate Modalities Available

It is, obviously, the most you should take into account since not all centres offer the same. It will be what marks your future studies and what will allow you to obtain a better score in the weighted grades when you take your EBAU exams. 

Subjects Established In Each Modality

Once you know what your path to college will be, it will be necessary to review the educational offer that appears in each of these modalities. There are closed options (in which you do not have electives) and other more open ones, which focus more on what interests you the most.

Institution Methodology 

It is important that you pay attention to the methodology followed by the centre in which you are interested. Currently, there are various and innovative ways to develop skills in students and achieve the goal, not only to pass the EBAU but to grow later in the work environment. It is therefore important to look at whether they have a classic methodology or implement some more modern com or Design Thinking or the Gamification, based on autonomous learning of the student and used in the International Baccalaureate. 

Geographical Location Of The Centre

It seems that it is not something to think about, but if it is close to our home or with good public transport connections, we will have saved valuable time. Rest in the best way or overcoming laziness are just some of the advantages.

Values ​​Promoted By The Institution

Think that the next two years of high school you will be training to access university, but you will also be developing as a person. The identity of the centre or the social and humanitarian objectives they pursue can be a good incentive to opt for one option or another.

Class Hours

During the rest of your student career, the usual thing will be that you find the morning schedule for your Baccalaureate classes. But there are also night modalities for some exceptional circumstances or for those young people or adults who work during daytime hours.

Associated Facilities And Services

Finally, you should not overlook the shape of the classrooms, their state of conservation and all the other spaces in the centre. Being able to carry out practices in a laboratory or in a computer room, consult bibliography in the library or classrooms dedicated exclusively to personal study, are some of the aspects that you can observe in the open days.