Low Blood Pressure

Here Are The Symptoms Of Low Blood Pressure

And Here Are The Possible Causes: 

 Your blood pressure is usually one of the first things you measure when you see your doctor. Not only high blood pressure but also low blood pressure (hypotension) can lead to health problems. How to recognize low blood pressure, and what can be the causes?  

Normal values: 

First of all, of course, it’s essential to know what normal blood pressure looks like. Your blood pressure depends on your gender and age, among other things. The diastolic pressure does not exceed 95  mm Hg for normal blood pressure, and the systolic pressure does not exceed 140  mm Hg. If, however, the diastolic and systolic pressures are both much lower, your blood pressure may be too low. For women, this translates to blood pressure below 100 over 60. For men, it is slightly higher: 110 over 70.

Symptoms Of Low Blood Pressure:  

If you don’t have any symptoms, your blood pressure is probably normal. Even if your values ​​are shallow, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re complaining. Do you recognize any of the following symptoms? If so, your blood pressure may be too low.

  • Dizziness,  especially when standing up after sitting
  • Blurred vision or seeing black spots  
  • Tired 
  • Dizziness 
  • Naas e e s 
  • Loss of consciousness 

 Possibles Causes

In most cases, low blood pressure is bothersome, but it is not a sign of an underlying disease. Women may experience low blood pressure due to heavy menstrual bleeding or during pregnancy. In addition, certain medications can lower blood pressure (as a side effect). If you have had severe nausea and vomiting, your blood pressure may also have gone down. Finally, low blood pressure may indicate loss of (internal) blood, infections, anemia, or dysrhythmia. If you have any symptoms, please consult your doctor for the underlying cause.

 Treatment And Advice: 

Treatment for low blood pressure depends entirely on its cause. Sometimes the cause cannot be determined, making treatment impossible. If your blood pressure is too low, there are a few things to consider. For example, one should always get up very slowly after lying or sitting for a long time to avoid dizziness and blurred vision. It is also essential for people with low blood pressure to drink enough water, especially after exercise or hot weather. If you take a sauna or a hot bath, be especially careful when getting up.